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"Thank you for all the time and concern you took doing my tattoo. It is beautiful and I will enjoy it always."

"We want to thank you so much for the wonderful work you have done with our dog Jordan's picture. We are happy to brag about you and brag about the nice work you have done... I love looking at the tattoo day after day and to remember the times with my dog Jordan. People that have met the dog and look at the tattoo, are amazed at the good work you have done, once again thank you so much for bringing him to life..."
Steve & Judy

"You guys did everything to make us comfortable and we really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you and we'll be back soon."
Chas & Dennis

"We had a great time and appreciate all you did for us! Looking forward to seeing you again!
p.s. Great job on the tattoos!"
Brad & Tammy

"It was a fun time at your shop and we are all very happy with our new tats! You do awesome work."

"Hi Mike. Just wanted to say thank you again for the Taz memorial tattoo that you did for me. A lot of people ask about the "Always My Little Brother" and then tell me how special it is. His friends think its great and that he would like it. The people that knew him know exactly where it came from. Thanks for a truly great job."

"Wow!!! Mike, I am truly impressed with your web site. You both look fantastic and we are all looking forward to see ya'll. I want a tribal looking bracelet with my kid's name, and I also want my original bracelet re-colored. Joe wants everything, Wesley wants a back piece and J'Da wants a piece by you, to continue the family tradition. We will be waiting for your call. We are looking forward to see ya'll be careful and hurry down. Love ya'll, your greatest fans."
Joe, Darese, & Wesley

"Hi Kay and Mike. It has been a few years since we have seen each other. First, this is Denise . My husband's name was Gary, big guy. Mike, you did my buffalo on my ankle and the skull on my right arm. I was thinking about the La Crosse show and wondering if you were going to be there again? Sarah and her fiance Mike would like to come down if you are going to be there and have a couple tattoos done. I do have some sad news to tell you; Gary died October 31, 2003 in a car accident. Long story, I am doing ok and miss him everyday. We were together 26 years when he died. But I also have a grand daughter, Alex, who is the joy of my life. So the tattoo I want to get is in memory of Gary. I have it in my head but haven't seen it on paper yet. What I was thinking was doing an eagle and a buffalo skull with Gary's initials on the skull and feathers. I want this on my lower back. What do you think? I hope this finds both of you well and happy and that life has been good to you both. Hope to hear from you. Happy New Year."

"Wow! Just left your place and I can't believe the new black top--awesome job--makes it nice--the place really looks great, Mike. I came up for a new tat, but forgot I needed an appointment--didn't mean to interrupted you. I'll give you a call and set up an appointment. I just wanted something small--a memorial piece for a friend that has passed. Maybe you could design something for me? He liked hunting and was a big Dale Ernhart fan. I'm looking to spend about $150.00. Email me back when you get a chance. Thanks Mike!"

"I am interested in getting one of my tattoos fixed by you. I just got one of Friday and I understand it will be a few weeks before it is completely healed, but I am NOT satisfied. It is a memorial tattoo of my stillborn's foot and hand prints. They were small but not the way I wanted them. The things is, they are black, like tribal. The artist did do a nice job with shading, but I wanted some of the cracks, so it looked more like a print. I seen your one on the site of a baby foot print and it looks really good. I hope you can help me out because I want to be happy with this tattoo. It means more than the world to me. Thanks. P.S.-Dermagrafitti in Prairie Do Chien did it if that tells you anything."

"Thank you for the tattoo of the rose on my left breast. It has been nice and everyone asks where I got it. I told them you did it and we maybe have made work for you. You did a very good job. I was unsure if I wanted it, but you made it very easy to have it done. It is looking good and we will see you soon again. Thank you."
Sue & Brian, Your Goldwink Friends

"Hi Mike! You may not remember me, but you did my tattoo about ten years ago. I could use a little touch-up, but I am still happy with it. Glad you're are still around. I'll be seeing you very soon. Hey, what's up with Prairie Du Chien? Two tattoo shops a block away from eachother-went in and checked both of them out--needless to say, I'll be calling you for my next tat. That to you later. P.S.-Nice website."
"Big Al" from Tomah

"Mike, I love my tattoo--you did a great job. I see so many of my friend's tattoos--they're all stencil work and I can't believe you do all of your work freehand. Everyone who sees my tattoo is amazed its freehand. Thank you so much, I love it!"

"Hi Mike, like your website. Seen my picture on there, real cool--trophy and all. When I get back to town, I'll be seeing you again.

"Hi Mike and Kay. Thank you for being so patient with me. I was very nervous. You guys are the best! Nice website."

"Hi Guys. I finally got a trophy on my tat, you did it about six years ago. I'll be emailing you a picture of it within a day or two. I also have a second place ribbon for you as the artist. Thanks, tell Kay I say hello! I will always be your customer."

"Hey, you guys need to update your website. Been looking at the same pictures or a while now. That really sucks.

"Mike, I just want to say thank you for turning my 16 year old daughter down for a piercing. She did not have my permission. Glad your policies were that I must be there. When and IF she does get a piercing, we will come see you."
A Boscobel Mother

"Hey you old saddle tramp, I see you're still around. You did some work on me back in the 80's. I went to Google and put in "Easy Mike" and there you were. Un-f**king-believable. I am sending some pics with this--you'll remember me."
Bubba from Baton Rouge

"Just wanted to say thanks again. You took my ideas and turned them into a piece of art work that every racing and and art fan can admire for years to come. Thanks for your patients and excellent ability. You have made this the best piece I have and very proudly show it and do not hesitate to tell who did the work. Thank you so much. P.S-Call maybe I can get to La Crosse next weekend."

"Thank you both for yesterday. I had a blast and I know Ashley did too! We are both very inspired by both of your ways of expression! So I attached a couple pictures of Karma's eyes. I didn't get that time to take the red out, but just let me know if you need that done or not and I can send you the modified versions, ok! Hope these will do. Keep in touch and take care!!"

"Hi Mike. Nice website-real pro job. Hate all the pop-ups and garbage on most tattoo sites. I have to apologize. Me and two of my girlfriends went to P.D.C, spur of the moment and got tats from "Elvis Bill". I won't be back. I thought he was gonna die on me--smokes like a train--couldn't stop coughing. You'll be hearing from me soon. Again, Sorry!"

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